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duration 30 Min
calories 187 Calories
reviews 89% (18)
Glutes Abs and Plyo
Glutes & Abs Strength w/ Garrett Wood
A combination of offset structural movements to work on core engagement with squats, hinge movements, plyometric moves and gluteus medius training.


  • Kettlebell 2x
    Kettlebells (Women: 20-30 lbs, Men: 30-40 lbs)
  • Dumbbells
    Dumbbells (Women: 8-15 lbs, Men: 10-20 lbs)
  • Dumbbells
    Dumbbells (Women: 15-20 lbs, Men: 20+ lbs)

At a glance

Warm-up: 3 rounds
-20 sec squat, 20 sec speed squat, 20 sec iso squat hold, 20 sec squat jumps
-rest 20-

Circuit one:
-3 offset squats into 3 offset lunges (right arm holds the weight, right leg goes back) - 3 times around
-20 frog pumps with 1 heavy weight
-3 offset squats into 3 offsets lunges (left arm holds the weight, left leg goes back) - 3 times aroun
-8 s/arm swings per arm-- try to link the swings as a passover

Circuit 2:
-30 sec lateral lunges per side
-rest 30-
-30 sec Romanian Deadlifts
-immediately go to jump lunges for 30 sec
-rest 30-

football run to low squat pulse at G's call! 2 minutes


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Malia M.
The first two sets were great but the last set was sorely lacking in adequate instruction. I skipped the football thing because I had zero concept of how to do it. Your workouts and instructions are usually amazing... maybe you were having an off day with this one. No worries, you’re still my absolute favorite!
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Hi Malia! Thank you for taking class and for the feedback. The move that alludes to a similar move a football player would do when he hikes a ball refers to the very initial part of a kettlebell swing, when you use your lats to hike the kettlebell back towards your groin area, so that the load is added to your glutes and in a swing you then explosively move them forward to swing the bell. In this case we were focuses on hiking the bell back using abs and lats and setting ourselves up for a perfect swing. I am so sorry this was not helpful for you!
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Oksana M.
Loved this. Thanks G!
Laura B.
Wow that was a killer and I loved it!