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duration 35 Min
calories 215 Calories
reviews 100% (11)
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Gorgeous Glutes With Core Crusher!
Glutes & Abs Strength w/ Naomi Rotstein
This is a lower body focused workout that you can DO ANYWHERE! Of course, if you have dumbbells feel free to add them, but it is designed for a complete lower body BURN! We end class with a killer core circuit that will leave you feeling amazing in all the right places!


  • Mat
    Yoga Mat

At a glance

WARM UP- 2 rounds.
Jogging in place 30 seconds
mountain climbers 30 seconds
bodyweight squats 30 seconds

2 rounds-1 min each

Squat with pulse
Jump squats
Glute bridge/frog pumps
Walking lunges
Reverse lunges with hop
Lateral lunges
speed skaters
Jump jack squats

2 rounds-30 seconds each

crunches-knees above hips
bicycle crunches
frog position left and right crunches
high plank SLOW climbers


Kelsie B.
Ok for beginners but not advanced. About 20 min of work and over 35 min of audio- not time efficient enough for me but a good starting point!
Lisa S.
Awesome quick workout
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glad you liked it!!! <3!!!
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Amanda H.
Amazing burn. I love the sequence of movements.
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YES! girl!!!!! CRUSHED IT <3
Abby W.
Dying —- in a good way?
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hahaha!! amazing!!! <3
d g.
Awesome workout! I truly appreciate your motivation throughout the session. Keep it up!
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WOOHOO!! love the feedback and so glad you liked it!!! <3