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duration 15 Min
calories 13 Calories
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Grounding Meditation
Sleep Meditation w/ Julie Aiello
The pace and stimulation of 'modern life' can leave us feeling like we're flying over the ground rather than actually walking on it.

This is a practice to really feel rooted into the earth and feel the release of energy moving down.

Prana is the upward flow of energy in our body. Energy that excites us, lifts us up. Many of us have a lot of that stimulus, and without regulating this energy we can feel anxious or overwhelmed.

Apana is the downward flow of energy. The connecting back down to the ground, the release.
The stable, supported connection with the earth and with that place inside yourself.

Enjoy this practice to access your own deeply grounded place.


No equipment needed

At a glance

Simply rest.

You can be seated on a chair, couch, or even lying down. However you feel most comfortable.


Jon K.
Beautiful thank you!
Bex M.
Beautiful. 💓