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Hacking the Brain Code
Happiness Life Talk w/ Alexandra Joy Smith
In this talk, you will discover how to take a heart’s desire through a process that enables what you want, to become a reality in your life. Otherwise, the brain, which is designed to protect you, and will reject that which is new or shows up as a threat to your survival. The brain is designed to do and have what it knows. This conversation is vital to you manifesting the life of your dreams!


No equipment needed

At a glance

- The process of how the brain brings something into existence
- Understand how the law of attraction works with the brain working in the background
- Create more ease in how you manifest

Note: Your "homeplay" after listening to this talk is to take a goal with soul through the brain gate process. Have fun with the exercise as you hack your brain into a "hell yes" around your specific intention that you want to create in your life!


j s.
Fun science but not what I was expecting
Jenn C.
Very informative motivating talk. Thank you!! Love love this life coaching session.