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duration 30 Min
calories 201 Calories
reviews 88% (34)
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Hard Core Beatdown
Full Body Strength w/ Brave Body Project
This 30 minute workout was created to get your core feeling tight, lean and STRONG! We target the core (Abs, Lower Back, Quads), but you will definitely be feeling this workout full body style, from head to toe!


No equipment needed

At a glance

- Jumping Jacks
- Walk out Plank
- Downward Dog- knee to elbow
- Side Plank
- Lunges
- Squats
- Alternating Oblique
- Burpees
- Full sit ups
- Lever Crunches - Arm to Leg
- Tap Heels
- Bicycle
- Jack Knife


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Amanda H.
Love this workout! I would love more of your core workouts. They are so good!
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Hsiao L.
Fun class I don’t mess with the dials so not sure why instructor voice volume went lower than beginning during mid class.
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Oksana M.
Awesome as always :)
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Oksana M.
Loved this! Would love a 15 min version too :)
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Christine R.
Great workout!