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duration 25 Min
calories 118 Calories
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Hold It
Hatha Yoga w/ Kilty Inafuku
It can feel great to flow fluidly from pose to pose, but holding postures offers an opportunity to breath through challenge and to reset our expectations. This practice offers us a chance to hold some simple postures (I didn't say easy) for at least 30 seconds intervals.


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    Yoga Mat

At a glance

Hold postures for at least 30 seconds each:
Mountain pose
Forward fold
Chatagrunga dandasana
Downward facing dog
Tiger's pose
Crescent + twist
Inversion of choice
Happy baby
Supine twist


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Amanda H.
Love this! Thank you for the great sequence of moves.
Kelly N.
Your guidance is superb! More holds please and thank you.
jessica g.
I’ve done a fair amount of hatha and like it but these holds are way too long.
Rene a.
Hi Kilty, THANK YOU so much for doing these MoveWith classes! It’s been a few years since I’ve been to one of your classes, so being able to still do yoga with you via the app is just awesome! You’re by far, the best yoga teacher I’ve had, so I truly appreciate you doing this for those of us who can’t join you, in-person. Your gentle guidance, thorough explanation, and calming demeanor makes all your classes PERFECT! Take care & Namaste...Rene 😊
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Awww. This makes me smile inside and out. Sending love!!!
Amber H.
Just the class I've been dreaming of on MoveWith! Thank you!
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So glad to hear!
Brooke M.
couldn't hear the instructions loudly enough over the tunes
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Hi Brooke! You should be able to adjust the volume of the music relative to the teacher's voice. There's a little volume button on the bottom right side of the screen.