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duration 6 Min
calories 6 Calories
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Holiday Stress Meditation
Stress Relief Meditation w/ Kilty Inafuku
Starting to feel impatient or easily aggravated? Take a pause, and recognize that we only feel stressed when the things we care about are at stake. So, use this meditation to connect with what is meaningful to you.


No equipment needed

At a glance

Find a quiet place to sit, where you can comfortable close your eyes.


Jim G.
Great session. Good to put it all in perspective. Relaxing in a pretty short time frame which is good “on the go”.
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Glad to hear!
Trent M.
My first mediation. The beginning was amazing. I was holding onto so much tension in my mouth jaw forehead and shoulders and it washed away. Im going to take a nap now
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Awesome!! Sleep well :)