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duration 55 Min
calories 576 Calories
reviews 100% (9)
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Push Your Limits
Hill Ride w/ Enrique Julia
Part 3 of the series. Two 15 min plus climbs, broken down into 3 segments. Use each segment as its own peak in your effort level (10 out of a 10). Long recovery and sprint work in between and a fast decent at the end.


  • Indoor bike 2x
    Stationary Bike

At a glance

1- W/U: flat with focus on being comfortable on the saddle.
2- Hill 1: Focus on setting high resistance, slow pace. Jumps off the saddle to get more power and then finish with bringing that power back to the saddle.
3- Decent. Fast pace and couple of speed burst in the middle.
4- Sprints: focus on max effort
5- Hill #2 work on what you did on the first hill, but better. (you'll get it)
6- Decent. Fast, good resistance.


Elise M.
Thank you
Elise M.
Tough workout with great pacing!