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Just OM With Me
Focus Meditation w/ Peter Walters
Here we'll chant the mantra OM 108 times. OM, or AUM is thought to be really the only mantra one needs. It's considered the pranava, or the 'cosmic rawr' -- the sound of all sounds. What this means for you is, of course, up to you. But I like to think that this sound, which is really three parts -- the AAAA, the OOOO, and the MMMM -- as an utterance that really encapsulates the universe. It includes everything from the past, the present and what may come. It is the sound of beginning, sustenance and destruction. So, if you'd like, chant along with me, or just listen to this track while sitting in traffic, allowing your mind to be soft and still. When you drift off, come back to this sound. OM, OM, OM.


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Just 108 rounds of the mantra OM


Bex M.
Bex M.
Thank you, Peter. I'll see you IRL soooon! πŸ’“
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Miss you! Come back soon plz!
Bex M.
Lovely oming with ya! πŸ’“
Laura M.
Love it! It’s a nice contrast to the ones for Lords Ganesh and Siva. Thanks πŸ™πŸ½