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duration 15 Min
calories 119 Calories
reviews 95% (19)
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Kickboxing Wake Up Call
Full Body Strength w/ Brave Body Project
The goal of this workout is to HAVE FUN! We need to workout hard, but theres no reason why we can't have fun too! We attack every movement for 50 seconds a piece with a 10 second recovery between each move.


  • Dumbbells

At a glance

50 seconds on, 10 second recovery between each move.

-Jumping Jack
-Squat with alternating knee raise
-Forward lunge Right with forward kick
-Side lunge Right to side kick
-Back lunge Right to 2 punches
-Burpee to 4 upper cuts
-Squat with alternating knee cross
-Forward lunge Left with forward kick
-Side lunge Left to side kick
-Back lunge Left to 4 punches
-Burpee to 4 upper cuts

-Full Sit up with 4 punches
-Rockback to russian twist
-Jack Knife


Shannah S.
Great sweat!
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Amanda H.
I love this workout. Definitely gets the heart pumping.