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duration 20 Min
calories 239 Calories
reviews 93% (15)
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Speed vs Longevity
Endurance Run w/ Enrique Julia
We all know that going fast feels good and it can give you greater fitness gains, but if you are trying to build your running base you need to think of going slower and longer. In this workout we will learn to develop the trust and strength to get your cardiovascular fitness to the next level.


No equipment needed

At a glance

1- Warm up: 5 mins power walk
2- Run, Moderate effort (65-70%) 4:00/ 1:00 walk
3- Run, build up to hard effort (85%+) 3:00 / 1:00 walk
4- Run, challenging effort (75%-80%) 4:00 / 1:00 walk
5- Cool Down: Run / Walk, Easy run 1:30 walk 1:30


Sasha R.
Great short workout
Andrew J.
Loved the motivation and talking through out
celeste b.
I’m just starting to run but have been exercising for a couple weeks, so I’m kinda fit but runs are still difficult for me, this one worked me perfectly!!