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duration 50 Min
calories 719 Calories
reviews 100% (28)
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Long Haul 3
Endurance Tread w/ Garrett Wood
We build upon the structure of long haul 2, making the warm-up 1 minute longer and faster, recoveries become slow jogs (most of them), the hills go up to 5% and the duration on each hill is sometimes longer. We add in high knee drills and butt kick drills. We also work on our faster run.


  • Treadmill

At a glance

1 point faster than your normal "jog" for 2 minute
+.5 for 30/ +1.5 for 60 sec
/subtract 2 points for 30
add3-4 points for 60
slow jog for 60
ascending run (3 min)
3% run
4% 30 sec hold / 5% 30 sec hold
3% run 1 point on speed
walk 30, slow jog 30 sec
5% 30 run, 4% 30 run
3% add 1 point 60 sec
4% hold 30 sec, 5% hold or subtract 1 point 30 sec
walk 30, slow jog 30
2% incline sprint 30 sec, recover 45
0% 45 sec sprint
recover 60 sec
0% sprint 60 sec
walk 30, jog 90 sec
4% high knees 15 sec, butt kicks 15 sec 4x
4% 60 sec run
2% add 1 point to speed for 60
4% rec/ butt kicks 15 sec, high knees 15 sec 4x
4% faster run by 1 point to 1.5 points 30 sec, 2% jog
2% faster run (same as above) for 60 sec
walk/recover 60 sec
60 sec faster run 0% incline
recover 30 sec
90 sec faster run 0% incline
recover 60
2 minute faster run
recover 60
faster run 30, jog 60
faster run 30, jog 60
side shuffle 3% 30 sec each direction
side shuffle 5% 30 sec each direction
5% run 60
3% run 60
jog 30 sec, sprint to finish 30 sec


Jamie M.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the Long Haul Series!! Keep them coming!! Great coaching pushes me all the way to the finish
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Jamie, thank you! I am so glad you love them! Check out Long Haul 4!
John S.
Thought it was spinning๐Ÿ™„
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Becky K.
So great to have a long tread workout, this is much better than doing two shorter tread workouts back to back. I love the high knees and butt kicks in the middle to break up dreadmill boredom.
Emily w.
Definitely more challenging than long haul 1 and 2. Was able to get reach 4.75miles with the speeds I chose. Will repeat with the goal of 5 miles next time. Love it and looking forward to the next one!
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Amazing, Emily!!!! Def check out Long Haul 4 :) it's intense but fun!! They all have things about them I love! Thanks for taking class and for the feedback! In Long Haul 4 you'll undoubtedly get 5 miles!
Stephanie W.
I normally despise the treadmill but your workouts make me work hard and love it!!! Iโ€™m working on my strength and endurance.. bad knees so Iโ€™m trying to get back into it. Thank you for helping me find my love for it again and focus on the mental aspect!! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ
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This makes me so happy! baby steps are def a thing but for you-- it seems like BIG steps! Proud of you for getting back into it and finding joy! Keep it up! xoxo
Lindley G.
Loved it. It sucked LOL. Iโ€™d love even more tredmill workouts for 30-50 minutes
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Noted!! Keep it up!
Katelyn A.
AH-MAZING. Literally thought about quitting the workout twice and knew Iโ€™d regret it. What a class to push through! Thank you as always, Garrett ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ
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Way to keep going! One minute at a time :) Proud of you!
Eyasha P.
Amazing!! This whole series has helped me gain so much speed!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š
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Hell yes! way to go girlie! Keep it up!
Muhammad A.
You are an amazing coach !
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Thank you!
Ann-Marie W.
Loved it! Great variety. More please!!!
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You are CRUSHING it!