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Lucid Dreams

  • duration 22 minutes
  • level All Levels
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Taught By
Jeremy Falk
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At a glance

Yoga nidra explanation, intention setting, body scan, visualizations, waking.

Equipment notes

Mat, Floor to lie down on (Yoga Nidra is practiced in savasana - laying down on your back in corpse pose - and it is best to lie on the floor to remain fully awake). Optional equipment: Comfortable clothing, temperate and quiet room, low lighting, blanket for body and/or head.


About Class

The method behind this class is Yoga Nidra, as taught by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. In this practice you'll meditate your way to a deep relaxation by channeling a state between sleep and wakefulness. Modern psychology refers to this state as the “hypnagogic state,” in popular culture it is called lucid dreaming. Let the traces of the day fade away as you ground your mind and leave feeling rejuvenated.

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