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duration 50 Min
calories 712 Calories
reviews 93% (15)
Max Effort Intervals: The “Cheetara”Set
Interval Run w/ Enrique Julia
Letting the body be pushed systematically, with enough time to get recovery and doing it again, but faster on every set. Your fastest speed will be challenged along with your ability to withstand fatigue. You'll keep improving your pace with each set till you reached lighting fast speed.


No equipment needed

At a glance

Warm up: 10 mins, 6 minutes easy pace. 4 minute drills. High Knees, Quick hands.

Speed Set 1:
3 x 2:00 Mins @ 85% with :30 sec recovery in between.

Speed Set 2:
3 x 2:00 Mins @ 90% with :30 sec recovery in between.

Midway - 2:30 min recovery jog

Speed Set 3:
3 x 2:00 Mins @ 95% with :30 sec recovery in between.

Speed Set 4:
3 x 2:00 Mins @ 100% with :30 sec recovery in between.

Cool Down: 6 mins, easy pace.


Ali R.
good workout! thanks
Michelle C.
Music quit halfway they the workout