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Motivation Monday: A Conscious Calendar
Self Care Life Talk w/ Jacki Carr
I need my calendar to keep my life in check. And yet, when I look at my calendar, the appointments set are all work appointments. As if the only thing that matters is work. In this session, I ask you if you can add more of you on to your calendar where the commitments are clear and the reminders notify you on your phone or day planner in hot pink. This can be a self care date, a night in the bath or a brunch with your girlfriends. Can you see all of you on your conscious calendar.


No equipment needed

At a glance

+ Calendar hacks for living in balance.
+ What do you want to do this week for self care?
+ Put it in your calendar in marker and make the commitment to you.
+ Can you show up for yourself like you show up for others?


Dee C.
Great ❤️
Melissa K.
So happy you guys are on this app!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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More coming!! So excited to share! tell me what you want and Ill press record. ;)
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Holly S.
Short, sweet and motivating. Thank you for the reminder to focus on me time.