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duration 15 Min
calories 17 Calories
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Mountain and Ocean
Morning Meditation w/ Jeremy Falk
In this visualization meditation, we'll imagine embodying the characteristics of a mountain and the ocean, to see where in our lives we might benefit from cultivating strength, stillness, structure or adaptability, flexibility, and action.


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David A.
Dawn L.
Great meditation, I really enjoyed it!
randy W.
Jeremy, what an incredible incredible gift! This is perhaps the best meditation I have enjoyed in the past year or two of almost daily practice! Not only has this enabled me to find some much-needed reflection and peace but it hasalso clarified for me why I am sitting precisely where I am today. You see I am meditating atop a large hill, some might even call it a mountain, overlooking the Atlantic in Saint Martin. My wife and I moved here Five years ago and have experienced several “once-in-a-lifetime“ hurricanes and a great deal of change..... Needless to say the recent coronavirus impacts us on this island differently than when we were living in the Midwest portion of the United States. Since Irma in 2017 (which destroyed much of this island we now call home) I have taken up the practice of meditation. I found you through Audible and appreciate everything you give to your audience and the humanity that you so clearly care deeply about. If I could send you a picture of my seat on this hill I would! It would be something of a poster For this particular 15 minutes of reflection. Thanks again! Have a wonderful and blessed day and life! NaMaste!
Jen W.
Thank you, I could really relate to this meditation. Loved it.