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duration 10 Min
calories 151 Calories
reviews 90% (31)
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Mystery Fitness Test 1
Tread w/ Garrett Wood
You will have two challenges during this test.


  • Treadmill

At a glance

You will start on your treadmill.... OR if you want to run outside you can, but the test will be easier on a treadmill. Then you need space on a yoga mat.


Mikki B.
Loved this!!! Totally can help with getting my time done on my mile. Loved the push ups at the end. Great warm up or end of workout. Feeling great
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Amazing! Thank you so much!
kerri h.
1.12 miles in 8 minutes not too shabby! Thanks G!
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wowowowo!!! Amazaing, Kerri!!!! Keep it up!
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Holly S.
Loved that motivation. Tried the Sequoia course on the tread with hills. Got .95 miles. Next time breaking 1 for sure. 🙏🏼
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Awesome!!! Love that competitive side coming through!!! You are your own competition. GO GET IT!
Valerie M.
1.25miles with 21 push ups. Really needed this as I was starting to just float around. Now I see I REALLY need arm strength and can see if I can increase my 8 min distance! Thank you!!!
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AMAZING!!!! So pumped for you!!! That is amazing and I love that you now have a benchmark!