Vinyasa Yoga

One Love Feeds

  • duration 1 hour 30 minutes
  • level All Levels
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Taught By
Danni Pomplun
  • 2922
  • 752
Bathrooms and Fountains

About Class

Danni Pomplun, Jacqui Rowley, Mike Richardson, and Rebecca Rogers warmly invite you to take your yoga off the mat and help feed those in need this holiday season. Please Join us for The One Love Movement's San Francisco Feeds 2016 Food Drive. Help us give back to our community and make a positive impact on the lives of others. A $15 ticket will save you a spot. Additional cash donations and food donations encouraged at the door. (Tuna- canned meat Peanut butter, Soup- chili, Beans, Cereal, Canned fruit, and vegetables, Whole grain rice, pasta & oats, No glass or perishable items, please!)

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Yoga Tree Castro | 97 Collingwood Street, San Francisco, CA, US

Class Info

  • Yoga Clothes
  • Yoga mat, water bottle, food donations.

About the venue

Yoga Tree Castro

Ignition central. Divine playground. Astonishment and transformation and joy. Heat and breath and sweat. (Almost) all Vinyasa, (almost) all the time. There’s just no place else like it.

Many have claimed that their experiences at Yoga Tree Castro over the years have changed their lives, bodies and hearts for the better, from the most intimate, powerful re-connections to the most joyful blastings into the new. We can only bow to these amazing claims in humble, knowing gratitude. Yes to all.