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duration 45 Min
calories 544 Calories
reviews 93% (15)
All Levels
Speed Super Set
Interval Run w/ Enrique Julia
Working on your speed and your ability to keep pushing beyond your limits is what this class is all about. Think you are tired? At the end you get to test your endurance with a nice tempo set to get you that extra boost on your stride.


No equipment needed

At a glance

Warm Up: 12 minutes. Progressive pace building to intervals
Recovery: 2 mins
Set 1: Speed intervals. 14 mins, Broken down into equal fast / recovery intervals.
Set 2: Tempo Ladder 12 mins, broken down into equal accelerations
Cool Down: 3 mins


Liliana R.
Fantastic guided workout!!
Ashley F.
Such a fun and empowering workout!
Heather K.
I DETEST not knowing what the intervals are as I’m doing them. Please trust the runners to know how to push their minds and don’t be so condescending as to say “you don’t have to worry about the interval length.” The fake-out countdown from five was the worst. I’m not a kid playing “Simon Says.” Form checks were helpful, but please very the encouragement phrases and tone.
Pei-Yee S.
That was an awesome and challenging speed workout. Haven’t felt that pushed in a while during speed workouts, so thank you!!!