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duration 30 Min
calories 182 Calories
reviews 88% (17)
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Playing in the Band!: Force FHIIT
Full Body Strength w/ Dane Robinson
Band work from head to toe created defined and sculpted muscle is how we rock this session. You'll have a new appreciation for this under utilized lean muscle development tool!


  • Band
    Resistance Band

At a glance

1.) Dynamic Warm-Up

2.) Workout Series:
45s of work/12s of rest

Band Pull-Aparts
Band Bicep Curls
Band Squats
2x/ea movement

Band Shoulder Press
Band Upright Row
Band Lateral Walks (3 steps each way)
2x/ea movement

Band Rotations (R/L)
Tempo Push-Ups
Lying Straight Leg Hamstring Raise (R/L)
2x/ea movement

3.) All-Star Bonus Round:
10 Rep Countdowns


Erin L.
Better explanation on the rotations and hamstring raises please
sarah s.
Coach Dane somehow magically knew when to cue my posture, breathing, and gave encouragement at all the right spots. Awesome workout and easy to modify for injuries or mobility issues. Awesome!
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I 👀 all! Let’s keep movin’ bay bay!