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duration 10 Min
calories 35 Calories
reviews 88% (17)
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Postnatal Ab Workout #1
Core Class w/ Sarah Dussault
This workout is designed for postpartum women coming back from pregnancy looking to strengthen their core but anyone looking for a low impact ab workout will feel the burn. It will take 10 minutes and there is no equipment needed. You'll feel refreshed after you finish!


No equipment needed

At a glance

1 minute Knee Lifts
1 minute Heel Taps
1 minute Bird Dog
30 seconds Plank
30 seconds Plank with Forward and Back Movement
60 seconds Superman
45 seconds Side Plank
45 seconds Side Plank
60 seconds Heel Taps
60 seconds Bird Dog
45 seconds Plank


Callista W.
I am v picky, and I loved this. Great pace, excellent setting up of next move, nothing was confusing, you gave perfectly timed reminders for form...loved it!
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Thank you Callista :) !!!
Ashton Y.
Feels good!
Magali A.
Great way to get a little exercise as a new mama. Thanks Sarah!