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duration 10 Min
calories 59 Calories
reviews 95% (21)
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Powerhouse: Backside
Legs & Butt Strength w/ Stephanie Main
The Powerhouse series of classes is designed to improve overall strength through weight training. Strength training is a fundamental part of a well rounded fitness program and as such, everyone should include it in their weekly routine. Incorporating it 2-3 times a week along with your HIIT and flexibility classes provides you with the tools to improve your overall health and well-being.

The design of these classes is 1) to create a an easy to follow and straight forward class in execution for both the beginner, intermediate and advanced athlete and 2) to provide flexibility in both the weight amount and rep count for each round dependent upon your experience level.

Each of the movements in this series are common weight training movements. *Make sure that you have a good understanding of the movements prior to the class. Youtube is a great resource for videos.


  • Kettlebell 2x

At a glance

3 rounds:
:30 sec max rep single leg romanian deadlift, left
:10 sec reset
:30 sec max rep back stepping lunge, left
:10 sec reset
:30 sec max rep single leg romanian deadlift, right
:10 sec reset
:30 sec max rep back stepping lunge, right

rest 1:00 minute between rounds

*use a light/medium kettlebell


Amy M.
Wonderful morning workout! Thank you!
Brianna H.
Not very interesting
Tim R.
Love the deadlifts. Reminds me I need some balance practice regularly
Laura B.
Perfect for after my run. Thank you! I also benefitted from the cues to push through my feet so I could feel it more in my flutes and hams. It took the pressure off my back.