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duration 15 Min
calories 102 Calories
reviews 93% (27)
All Levels
Push Up Challenge plus Abs
Arms & Abs Strength w/ Tara Lyn Emerson
This workout kicks off with a pushup challenge and then moves into focused core work. Your upper body will get a knock out sweat session in this one!


No equipment needed

At a glance

5 Minute EMOM
8 Pushups to Downward Dog hold (adding two pushups every minute)

Abs- 45 seconds of each
Leg Lowers
Reverse Crunches
Spiderman Plank
Side Plank with Crunch (Right)
Side Plank with Crunch (Left)
x 2 rounds


Maria G.
The push-up challenge is very straining on the elbows.
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Amanda H.
Great workout. This was challenging with great motivation.