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duration 30 Min
calories 157 Calories
reviews 91% (35)
All Levels
Power Core
Core Strength w/ Samantha Poccia
A strong core is the foundation for all movement. In this 30 minute class we go through three 8 minute rounds to get your core burning and stronger than ever.


No equipment needed

At a glance


3 rounds, 8 minutes each

Exercises include:
Dead bug
Mountain climbers
Ab bike
Leg lifts
Russian Twist
Knee tuck
Russian Twist
Toe touches
Scissor kick
Rolling plank
Snap jump
Sit up
V sit


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Amanda H.
Love this workout! Great moves and so sweaty!
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Amanda H.
Amazing moves and motivation. Feeling worked!
Amy N.
A lot of feedback on this one: Sequencing itself was okay, but would have liked a little more rigorous timing cues like, “no break here,” “going directly into this next move,” etc - wasn’t always clear we were starting the next action. For an “All Levels” class, there were hardly any modifications offered like bottom knee down in side plank, stepping legs out in burpee etc. 1 min is a long interval for core moves especially, and there are long stretches of silence from Samantha. In general I thought choreography could’ve been explained in more detail with body cue reminders like watch for pulling on the neck, or rolling shoulders ahead of wrists in plank - down dog etc. I also really value the motivational coaching especially in core work which can get pretty boring and didn’t get as much there as I would like. On the app side, instructor’s voice was amplified too loudly over music - probably because of where the segment was recorded. Also thought there was a way to raise music volume separately from instructor’s voice, which would be a nice feature but maybe not technically feasible. Thanks!
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Amanda H.
Whew! Love this workout. Great core movements.
Alessandra M.
Holy shit this is hard
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Oksana M.
One of my favorite core workouts!! Thanks Sam :)
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Amanda H.
I really liked that each round featured different exercises.