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duration 25 Min
calories 238 Calories
reviews 94% (16)
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All Levels
Walking Interval
Endurance Run w/ Enrique Julia
This workout will get your body to start with a run while you use the power walk just as a recovery tool. The technique helps you build stamina and endurance while it gives you just the right amount of rest to get back to it!


No equipment needed

At a glance

1- Run, Easy pace (65%) 4:00mins
2- Power Walk, 1:30
3- Run, Moderate pace (75-80%) 4 mins
4- Power Walk, 1:30,
5- Run, Moderate to fast (75-85%) 4:00 2:30 split
6- Power walk 1:30,
7- Run, Easy pace (65%) 3:00 mins


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Amanda H.
I enjoyed coming back to this interval run stronger.
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Amanda H.
Love the coaching and intervals. Can’t wait to try again.