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duration 30 Min
calories 225 Calories
reviews 100% (22)
Shoulder Mass-Building
Upper Body Strength w/ Ingrid Clay
This is a 30min Mass Focused Workout. These can be stacked with the same body part 30min workout, i.e (two 30min Leg Mass Building Workouts or 30min Mass Gym Focused workouts or One of each.)

You can also stack these with a different body part 30min Mass Workout (i.e.30 min Shoulders and 30 min Triceps) or Stack with 10min Assaults to warm up or use as a burn at the end of your 30min Workout!

These are designed to stack with other workouts and the more workouts I record the more I will guide you on how to stack them to get you’re desired results!!


  • Dumbbells
    Dumbbells (Women: 5-8 lbs, Men: 8-10 lbs)
  • Dumbbells
    Dumbbells (Women: 8-15 lbs, Men: 10-20 lbs)
  • Dumbbells
    Dumbbells (Women: 15-20 lbs, Men: 20+ lbs)
  • Bench

At a glance

Inverted (body weight Shoulder Press)
Arnold Press
Shoulder Press
Alt Neutral grip Shoulder Press
Reverse Flys
Upright rows
Lateral Raise (Side Raise)
Reverse Shoulder Press


Boli L.
Wish there were video cues... I got lost
Aidan O.
Ingrid is the best! She makes a a workout super hard and fun, too. Thanks, Ingrid! All riiiight!
Laura B.
Loved it