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Includes Video Cues

duration 25 Min
calories 163 Calories
reviews 100% (8)
All Levels
Slopes Endurance: Plyo & HIIT
Full Body Strength w/ Garrett Wood
using ALL the tools (aka TOYS!) to do interval training. You'll need a rower (option to do alternating DB rows if you do not have a rower), a stationary bike of some sort, med ball, and a resistance band.


  • Band
    Resistance Band
  • Rowing machine 2x
    Rowing Machine
  • Medicine ball
    Medicine Ball
  • Indoor bike 2x
    Stationary Bike

At a glance

Dumbbell Low Rows
High Knees
Lateral Band Walks
180 Snowboarder Hop
Jumping Jacks
Mountain Climbers
Seated Medicine Ball Slam
Squat Jumps


Stephanie W.
One of my favorite workouts!!! Love the cardio total body strength
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Woo! Keep it up! Come back soon!
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Garrett W.
Shocked that the rotational ball slams were the hardest for me!!