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duration 30 Min
calories 405 Calories
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Slopes Endurance: Tread
Endurance Tread w/ Garrett Wood
Four minute warm-up of rolling hills, then 4 minutes of hills with faster speed.

Then we hit intervals of equal time work-rest.

Then we hit 30, 60 and 90 intervals with only 30 seconds of rest and then a few sprints.

Added challenge to repeat the hill progression at the end.


  • Treadmill

At a glance

0, 3, 0, 4, inclines, hold your jog. 1 minute on each incline. Option to add speed in 3rd minute.

recover 1 minute

0, 3, 0, 4, using a run speed, a faster jog and then a faster run.

recover 1 minute.

30 faster run, 30 rest

60 faster run, 60 rest

90 faster run, 90 rest

2 minute run, 2 minute rest (walk on an incline optional during rest)

30 faster run, 30 rest
60 faster run, 30 rest
90 faster run, 30 rest, 30 sprint!

OPTION to add on the 0, 3, 0, 4, hill progression at the end!


Joanna F.
Would love more endurance challenges! Maybe where we run the entire time?!
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Long Haul 4 is that-- minus a few recoveries!!
Carrie P.
Best one yet, thanks G!!
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Holly S.
Yasss! Loved that. Perfect rainy day prep for those slopes.
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YAY! Glad you loved it! Thank you for taking class and good luck this ski season :)
Valerie M.
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yay!!!! nice work!~
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Garrett W.
If you add up all the faster runs, it is about 7 minutes. I realized that the pace I was doing was sub 7 min mike, meaning that this is the perfect series to improve your mile time!
Jeff K.
Whether it’s powder, or dust over crust, I’m ready.
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hahahahaha YAS, Kuz
Valerie M.
Just got back from CO last week. Last year I could not keep up ( like stop and sit) chaperoning a naughty teen couple on the mountain trail!! This year I was jogging around them thanks to you starting me at a power walk last Feb. I’ve signed up for an extreme mud run - This workout is going to help me train!!!! Thank you for keeping it FUN and challenging!!!! Your the best Garrett!!!!!
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OMG!!! I am so glad to hear that. I hope this series is helpful and you stick with it for multiple weeks! Please give me any/all feedback!