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Includes Video Cues

duration 25 Min
calories 150 Calories
reviews 96% (25)
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All Levels
Slopes Strength: Arms
Arms & Abs Strength w/ Garrett Wood
A circuit of bicep and triceps moves. High intensity drills included too.


  • Dumbbells
    Dumbbells (Women: 8-15 lbs, Men: 10-20 lbs)

At a glance

Kneeling Forward Press + Twist
Seated Medicine Ball Slam
Ski Swing Eccentric Hammer Curl
Bicep Hammer Curl Halfway Hold
Dumbbell Alternating Forward Lunge + Tricep Extension
Crab Dips
Standing Sea Saw Press
Dumbbell Farmer Walks
Dumbbell Plie Cross Curl


Kim F.
better the second time
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Oh good!!! Thank you for taking it again! Following a program is the best :)
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Jennine C.
No idea what she was talking about
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So Sorry! I hope the videos could be more helpful. Perhaps start with Upper Body blitz. I appreciate the feedback. Enjoy the day!
Kim F.
fun times even if i live on the beach
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I love that you did a snowboarding workout (and good workout in general if I don't say so myself ;)) on the beach!
Carline N.
Loved the explanations of the movements!
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So glad you enjoyed it! I hope you're able tot ry it again too, and see the progress you make this season! Keep up the great work!
Katrina C.
OMG! Those crab dips! Another great workout! Love seeing you on IG, as well!
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Thanks Katrina! Love connecting with you on IG!!! And omg aren't the crab dips a killer?!