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duration 15 Min
calories 50 Calories
reviews 97% (30)
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Slow Down for Sleep 5
Restorative Yoga w/ Kilty Inafuku
Wind down from the day. After all of the day's doing, going, and efforting, it is equally important to practice softening, letting go, and easing up.


No equipment needed

At a glance

Mountain pose
Forward Fold
Downward Dog
Child's Pose
Supine Twist
Reclined Bound Angle


john p.
Thank you Kilty. Restful and restorative.
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Dianna H.
kilty is great, but I think the cues weren’t even between the sides at one point?
MaryKatherine H.
felt like some of the movements were alittle more rushed than i would have liked through the class preparing for sleep. but good deep stretches and breathing guidance.