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How to Fall + Get Back Up
Happiness Life Talk w/ Peter Walters
Have you recently been knocked over? Literally, or emotionally? Life throws us unexpected curve balls too often: our partner breaks up with us, we lose our job, a loved one gets sick -- all these things we can generally trust will happen throughout a life...but what do we do next? I hope this short talk gives you the reminder to stand back up, to regain your power and begin again.


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Get knocked down.
Stand up.


Holly R.
listening to this on repeat! so refreshing for a positive outlook on the hard times in life.
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aw good! we all go through it. glad this one found you.
Rebecca C.
Ahhh! I LoVE these talks! So good. They are like a mini course on life. I listen to them again and again and take notes, applying them to my life at the moment. I look joyfully forward to more of these reflections!