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duration 45 Min
calories 502 Calories
reviews 93% (15)
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Sprints, Attacks, Acceleration Challenge
Interval Ride w/ Enrique Julia
S.A.A.C's are 3 main ways that you can get to build top speed and power on a bike. Mixed in with timed recovery periods to Challenge your body you can maximize power and recovery becoming stronger and build more powerful legs, heart and lungs. (therefore burning more fuel aka calories)


  • Indoor bike 2x
    Stationary Bike

At a glance

1. Warm Up: Flat.
Progressive resistance. Add resistance every 2 minutes and then ad some speed to feel the cadence change.
2. Flat with Sprints.
Build more power and speed. 45 secs build up and 30 seconds sprints.
3. Flat, Accelerations.
40 sec fast 20 secs recovery. (recovery is standing with less power)
4. Climb.
Increasing resistance. Building a slower, stronger leg power.
5. Climb with Attacks.
Standing sprints on a hill followed by a seated push.
6. Decent.
Recovery. Light resistance with fast pace to recover. Progressive resistance for the second half.
7. Flats, Accelerations.
40 secs fast 20 easy, all seated.
8. Flat, Sprints.
20, 30, 45 seconds sprints with adjusted recovery. Cool down for 90 secs at the end.


Jobeth r.
Wonderful. Great training and explanations of why and how
Jamie M.
Awesome class
Liz L.
Holy sh** that was hard. Thanks for the sweat session!
Elise M.