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duration 10 Min
calories 13 Calories
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Let Go, Begin Again
Stress Relief Meditation w/ Julie Aiello
If we think life is precious, well then.. our attention is precious. How we direct our energy and attention determines how we feel, make decisions, and therefore directly impacts the direction of the course of our life!

Meaning to say... the purpose of meditation is fundamental to honing our attention and clearly discerning which thoughts are helpful, and the ones that we can drop. With practice (even a really small amount!) meditation helps to decrease unhelpful thoughts, focus on what matters most and gives us insight into the heart of who we are.


No equipment needed

At a glance

This practice is designed for beginners who are interested in having a regular meditation and are sure where to start. Right here!

This is a Shamata meditation. Shamata means to focus our attention. And it is the first meditation taught in many buddhist traditions.

So beginning here, practicing the gentle focus our attention is SUPER powerful!
I am here to guide you, support you, and love you along the way.
I know this meditation will deeply serve you!


Emily L.
I really enjoyed this meditation. Thank you!
Laura M.
Thanks Julie, this is a new class for me. It was good to have to work on the focus for a few more minutes than some of the shorter classes I have been working on (like Mindful Pause). I’ll be back to this one! 🙏🏽
cherie F.
Great. Feeling more relaxed now.
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Holly S.
That was great Julie. Just what I needed during the holiday craze. 🙏🏼