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duration 35 Min
calories 220 Calories
reviews 100% (17)
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Stronger with Each Move
Full Body Strength w/ Jenn Menzer
This is a total body strength based class with two sets of 4 exercises. We'll start with a short warmup and then perform the first set three times, followed by the second set three times. We'll stretch to round out the workout and you're done!


  • Dumbbells

At a glance

Set 1: 3 rounds. Consisting of Single Leg Drops, Side Plank Leg Raise, Superman, and a Narrow Chest to Fly superset. One minute to complete each exercise.
Set 2: 3 rounds. Consisting of Squat to Lateral Raise, Bent Over Row, Warrior 3 and Simultaneous Biceps Curls. One minute to complete each exercise.


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Amanda H.
I really liked this workout. I feel very toned and worked 👏
Lacey E.
GREAT overall body workout