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duration 30 Min
calories 199 Calories
reviews 90% (10)
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Stronger with Each Move
Full Body Strength w/ Jenn Menzer
This is a total body strength class with two quad sets of exercises. We'll perform the first four exercises three times followed by the second four. A quick dynamic warmup and finishing cool down give you strength length and cardio to help you meet your goals!


No equipment needed

At a glance

Circuit 1: Exercises performed three times, one minute each. HI-lo boat, locust pose, donkey kicks and jump squats
Circuit 2: Exercises performed three times, one minute each. Pushups, Reverse Lunge, Dips and marching in bridge are performed three times in a circuit for one minute each.


Cassie P.
Challenging. Quick pace. Good distracting conversation. Could use more instruction on breath
kai D.
I wish you would tell us the halfway point on every exercise, because I feel more muscle burn when I do one side a lot and then switch instead of alternating :)