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Sweat & Sculpt Vol. 2 - DUPLICATE SUBMISSION
HIIT w/ Chad Flahive
Need to shred and sculpt efficiently and effectively? In 30 minutes, this Public Body signature format combines High Intensity cardio training in 4 Tabata rounds for half of the workout with efficient, tried and true strength super sets for the second half. It is the perfect workout in the perfect amount of time. You just need dumbbells, a mat, your hot and awesome body, and a desire to be the best version of you! Enjoy Volume 2 of this fan favorite!


  • Dumbbells

At a glance

4 rounds of Tabata cardio training. Each round is 4 minutes long.
1) Lateral Hops & 1/2 Burpees
2) Plank to Sprinter Hops
3) High Knees & Squat Kicks
4) Swimmer to Full Burpee

Strength Set of 3 Movements, 45 seconds each, 3 rounds
1) Squat Shoulder Press
2) Pushup Downward Dog
3) Curtsey with Hammer Curls


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