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duration 35 Min
calories 206 Calories
reviews 85% (20)
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Sweaty Supersets With Bonus AB Burn!
Full Body Strength w/ Naomi Rotstein
You will be performing one DB strength exercise paired with a bodyweight cardio exercise to really challenge both slow and fast twitch fibers! This back and forth of work will challenge you from head to toe, leaving you sweaty and feeling strong, energized and ready to tackle the day! Its a burner!


  • Dumbbells
    Dumbbells (Women: 8-15 lbs, Men: 10-20 lbs)

At a glance

warm up
60s each for the first round, then 40s each for the second round
1) Jumping jacks
2) Squat kicks
3) Yoga plex

Superset 1
DB thrusters-1 min
Mountain climbers- 30s

Superset 2:
DB squats- 1 min
Jump squats-30s

Superset 3
DB renegade rows- 1 min
Half burpees-30s

Superset 4:
DB deadlifts-1 min
Speed skaters-30s

4 min core:
30s each movement for 2 rounds
Straight leg bicycles
Feet together crunhes
Side plank twist left
Side plank twist right


Dawn M.
I have said this since the first time I took her class when I first subscribed. SHE TALKS TOO MUCH! it’s annoying to have someone talk the whole time your trying to workout. It makes me steer away from doing her workouts.
alana K.
No videos
Alison D.
The description says this is a 35 minute workout with weights. It’s not true! Also I could do with less talk throughout the 3 minute sets. It’s hard to stay focused when someone is yapping in your ear constantly.
Kendra L.
Loved the superset programming. More please!
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Amanda H.
Great moves and motivation throughout. I loved the 3 min. Worksets. Super focused and allowed me to push.