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duration 40 Min
calories 289 Calories
reviews 95% (40)
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Tabata Burn
Full Body Strength w/ Samantha Poccia
Get your heart rate up and every muscle moving in this 8 round Tabata class. You'll be sweating, burning and feeling the energy after working each body part in this 40-minute high intensity city class.


No equipment needed

At a glance

Warm up
3 rounds: 20 seconds on, 10 second rest
Exercises include:
-snap jump
-tuck jumps
-push ups
-high to low plank
-side lunges
-jumping jacks
-ab bike
-Russian twist
-high knees
-squat jumps
-side plank
-quick feet

Cool down


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Amanda H.
Love this class! Killer, but soooo good. I’m also loving the music genre choices for each workout 👌
Tracy S.
Great workout Like the efficiency (diving right into warm up as soon as track starts is a plus)
Faye S.
Just don’t think it was my thing
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Amanda H.
Great workout! I enjoyed it. Love the pace and it flew by.