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duration 50 Min
calories 702 Calories
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Tempo Intervals: Push to hold your Pace
Interval Run w/ Enrique Julia
Take your endurance pace and break it up into shorter bursts of power. Make good use of your data, (how much terrain you covered vs how you feel) to make sure the effort is being used to improve both your pace and your RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion)
*A distance tracker (fitness watch or phone app) suggested.


No equipment needed

At a glance

Warm Up: 10:00 minutes, 8 minutes easy pace, 2 minutes drills: High Knees, Quick Feet.
Main Set: 5 x 4:00 minute intervals followed by 1:30 recovery
1- 4:00 minutes Easy to moderate effort. This is the first push, so It’ll feel a bit off. It should also be the slowest of them all.
1:30 mins recovery
2- 4:00 minutes moderate to hard effort. We start to get it know. The body and mind connects.
1:30 mins recovery
3- 4:00 minutes hard effort effort. This might have been a bit to much or we might just hit the sweet spot. We’ll have to keep the focus on making the effort less.
1:30 min recovery
4- 4:00 Minutes sustained hard effort, but faster. Now we start to dwell on making the run easier while still holding on to the pace. Listen to the body and react to the effort.
5- 4:00 minutes effort equally fast or better than the last. Just focus on the run and how you feel. Don’t stress about time and pace. Your pace, your moment.
1:30 recovery
Cool Down: 8 minutes, easy pace first 2 minutes, slightly faster for 2 minutes and then sustained speed for the last four minutes.


Lacey O.
Just what I needed THANK U
Suz A.
Loved this! I got .43, .48, .54, .56, .58 on the intervals and 5.24 miles overall! Thanks!
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Holly S.
2nd time this week!
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Holly S.
Enrique! So good. That was so motivating. Made me like intervals.
Stephanie W.
Wonderful coach. Great tips and really pushes me. Love how we can put less effort, more push which equals more ease.