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duration 8 Min
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The Divine is Truly Divine
Courage Life Talk w/ Alexandra Joy Smith
In this talk, you will hear about and potentially get in touch with your relationship to a higher source at work. In quantum mechanics, this higher source or energy field is also is also referred to as the Unified Field. It's a field based in energy which all matter comes from. This flips the old theory that matter creates energy on it's head! Why is your relationship to the Divine (Unified Field) important? Well, once you experience it, you have access to the infinite world of possibilities which moves you from someone who gets stuff done to a Magical Miracle Manifestor. You move from struggle to being in the flow. Not to mention it feels totally delicious to be in that realm of connection. One can say it is like being "in love" with the whole Universe.


No equipment needed

At a glance

You will be led through the simplicity of what it takes to connect to the Divine Connection we all have access to.


Laura W.