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The Present Moment is HERE + NOW!
Happiness Meditation w/ Peter Walters
This is a short meditation to ZAP you back into the present. Pull yourself out of the churn of thoughts and emotions and just arrive--reset and reorient to what is right in front of you. Maybe it's not beautiful or joyous, but it's at least okay and ultimately perfect. Join me as we reorient back to NOW.


No equipment needed

At a glance

Come. Back. To. The. NOW!


Joli N.
A thousand OMs
Becca K.
So lovely! Grateful you can travel with me to panama!
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Christine R.
Thank you Peter! Exactly what I needed 🙏
sonya d.
Absolutely amazing... I was feeling stressed because my bedroom was cluttered this morning.. until I noticed the clutter. Backpacks I could still smell the dirt and earth from our adventure hike at Lake Tahoe. Ty I will practice be here today and “ welcome home” fit perfectly
Laura M.
This one didn’t work as well for me as “But I don’t have time to meditate”. I think I needed a more specific focus to clear the new job noise. I AM anxious to try “Just OM”, that will be next!