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duration 25 Min
calories 373 Calories
reviews 98% (42)
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Hill Tread w/ Maggie Shih
This is a great introduction to quick and high intensity runs on a treadmill. This workout features intervals that will get you running up and down those hills to work your endurance, strength and power.


  • Treadmill

At a glance

1. Endurance Block - alternating between a jog and run for 10 min on a flat road
2. Hills Block - Run up a hill by increasing your incline at 2% intervals up to a 7% incline. Finish up at a power walk up a 10% incline
3. Sprints Block - 3 sprints with walking breaks in between on a flat road


Laura p.
So hard
Gyee O.
Great sprint workout in the otherwise boring treadmill run
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Noam A.
My recommendation is that I'm too worked to leave a recommendation. Damn.