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duration 15 Min
calories 97 Calories
reviews 92% (12)
All Levels
Unconventional Cardio
Core Strength w/ Garrett Wood
The workout you do when you don't want to do an elliptical, treadmill or spinning workout; the one you do when you don't want to lift a ton but want to incorporate weights. In this session we will cover lunges, squat jumps, farm walks, racked farmer walk and planks.


  • Dumbbells
    Dumbbells (Women: 8-15 lbs, Men: 10-20 lbs)
  • Dumbbells
    Dumbbells (Women: 15-20 lbs, Men: 20+ lbs)

At a glance

walking lunges
squat jumps
walking plank
farmer carry
side planks
(repeat 3 times - duration and forms vary each round)


Catherine P.
Videos would be nice!
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Some of the workouts do offer video now-- there is a little symbol that will tell you if there is or not!
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Oksana M.
Thanks G!! Love moving with you :)
Laura B.
Loved it!