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duration 15 Min
calories 102 Calories
reviews 96% (26)
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Upper Body Burn, All Core
Arms & Abs Strength w/ Tara Lyn Emerson
1, 2, 3 makes you think this is an upper body workout to get those shoulders, chest, and arms! But every move in this workout is great for your core.


No equipment needed

At a glance

Upper Body- 40 sec each
Inchworms with Push up
Reverse Plank to Crab Dip
Burpee with NO pushup
x 2 rounds

Abs- 40 sec each
Toe Touches
Russian Twists
Butterfly Sit Ups
Side Plank Hip Drops (Right)
Side Plank Hip Drops (Left)
Up Down Planks
x 2 rounds


Corrine B.
I did this after a run and it was a really good finish. I feel it!