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duration 30 Min
calories 108 Calories
reviews 70% (10)
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Upper Spine Release
Vinyasa Yoga w/ Martin Scott
This flow is designed to release the upper back and lubricate the area around the shoulder blades. This helps to release tension at the base of the neck and also opens the chest. We will move through modified Sun Salutations and a Warrior 1 series with arm variations. This is a great sequence for anyone who works at a computer!


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At a glance

Gentle Warm Up
Three Warrior 1 vinyasa series with arm variations
Eagle Pose
Bridge Pose


Julie M.
I felt the pace was too fast. For every three breaths you directed, I did one. I do think the poses and structure of the class were solid, just needed to slow down a bit.
V. L.
fantastic. smart sequence. steady pace. clear cues.