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duration 45 Min
calories 485 Calories
reviews 90% (10)
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Warrior Cycle
Hill Ride w/ Samantha Poccia
Are you up for the challenge? We're climbing our Mt. Everest, then coming down the other side with sprints. Class finishes off with one more hill combined with a few final sprints to bring it home. At this end of this ride you'll feel like a warrior.


  • Indoor bike 2x
    Stationary Bike

At a glance

Warm Up
-Add a little gear, stand and push the pace 2x

Stage 1: Hill
-Start sitting on a flat road. Start building the hill the hill with four adds. Stand up and continue climbing
-Take a seat, but don't get comfortable. Stand up and add two more turns.
-Stay up and keep climbing. Work through a few bursts of speed.
-Take a seat. We're almost at the top of the hill. Add three more turns to really feel the burn.
-We've made it to the last part of the hill. Stand up and add the final three turns up.

Stage 2: Sprints
-Come down the other side of the hill. Stay up out of the saddle and start taking gear off. There are two sprints in the saddle. We finally reach our flat road again.
-Keep a quick pace with bursts of speed.
-A few more sprint finish off this stage.

Stage 3: Hill and Sprints
-It's time to combine hills and sprints. We add a little gear and sprint two times.
-We've made it to the final part of our last hill. Add three more turn on to find the top.
-Two last sprints get us to the finish line!


Lori A.
Can’t hear the music.
Erin G.
Awesome workout
Jamie M.
Awesome ride! Great efforts pushed me the entire time!
Julia G.
GREAT post Thanksgiving workout when classes at my gym were canceled due to the holiday!
Elise M.