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Courage Life Talk w/ Alexandra Joy Smith
Some of us have learned what the Law of Attraction is and have found it doesn't work when we really want it to. Some of us don't even know what it is. Wherever you are in the spectrum, it's important to understand that are thoughts and desires create an energy and that energy is emitted through our feelings. In this talk, you will get clear about why you want what you want and decide whether how you want to feel is more important then getting or not getting the stuff you want. Discover how true freedom is feeling good no matter what you have or don't have in your life!


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Learn the 3 principles that make the Law of Attraction not work in your life.


Nicole B.
This was a great talk, I really think one of my friends needs to hear this. If she does not have the move with app or subscription, do you know how I can possibly share this message with her? Thank you, Nicole
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Lovely Nicole- Thanks for reaching out and for the feedback. She can use the following link to join for a free trial period to check out the talk!! https://www.movewith.com/join/alexandrajoysmith