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duration 20 Min
calories 93 Calories
reviews 100% (53)
All Levels
Yoga for Breakfast
Vinyasa Yoga w/ Peter Walters
Morning time is tough for many of us, especially pre-coffee! Here's a class that MAY just replace your morning caffeine routine and get all your cells firing before the first sip. This will be a short, strong, full body flow to get your body and heart open, and your breath enlivened. This class is accessible for all levels, but may be challenging for absolute beginners. Shall we begin?


No equipment needed

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Ellen A.
Excellent class, Peter! ❤️ namaste
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thank you ellen!
Becca K.
This is amazing! Would be soooo lovely if we could turn the music off 🥳 maybe a glitch just with this class? Thank youuuu!