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duration 30 Min
calories 31 Calories
reviews 83% (12)
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Yoga Nidra
Sleep Meditation w/ David Magone
Stressed out? This guided meditation practice will help you release physical tension, calm your mental chatter and release anxiety through a series of progressive muscular relaxation exercises and breathing practices designed to induce the relaxation response.


  • Yoga blanket 2x
    Yoga Blanket
  • Mat
    Yoga Mat

At a glance

Two progressive muscular relaxation practices
A guided breathing practice
A guided contemplation designed to induce a state of mind similar to deep sleep (Yoga Nidra)


Lauren C.
His voice
Jenn C.
Very grounding nidra practice. Gentle soothing and soft enough for me to relax but precise clear enough for me to stay awake. Thank you.