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duration 20 Min
calories 108 Calories
reviews 100% (7)
All Levels
Weekly Balance
Full Body Strength w/ Cara Scinto
If you struggle with balance, this class is for you! Feel energized after practicing movements standing on one leg and working your core!


No equipment needed

At a glance

30 seconds x 2 rounds each

Imaginary jump rope in place
Standing toe touch
Standing kick backs

Standing side crunch
Standing side kick
Side lunge + balance

Super human plank
Push up hold

Bridge lifts
Bird dog crunch

Leg lift with reach

Legs up wall
Cat cow
Down dog


catlin h.
I adore all of your classes. Thank you so much!
tiffany s.
I liked the workout and the quotes she used and the idea of balance. I disliked the music about 80 percent of the time.... would love it with different music.